The Apology

When Simon approached his house he could hardly believe his eyes when he saw who was waiting in front of his door. He was tired and exhausted from running but now he could clearly see the person standing there… It was Alex, the captain of the opposing school soccer team.

What did he want? Why did he wait in front of his house? – Simon was curious… When he arrived at his home he was a bit out of breath but he asked „hey Alex, wha… what are you doing here?“. Alex explained that he wanted to apologize for what happened at the last soccer game, asked if he could come in and told him that he wanted to give something to Simon as an excuse.

Simon felt a little uncomfortable but he didn’t want to reject Alex’ apology so he allowed him in. They went upstairs into his room. Simon offered Alex to sit down on his bed. His clothes were soaked with sweat and since he couldn’t take a shower right now, he wanted to change.

When he turned around to get new clothes from his closet he saw that Alex had already opened his backpack. He was curious what he would give to him. He bend forward to grab a shirt out of his closet when suddenly his arms got grabbed on his back. He heard a metallic „click“ and then he could feel something cold on his wrists – when he tried to move, he realized that he just got handcuffed. He tried to scream but was quickly silenced when Alex pressed his hand tightly on Simons mouth. Nobody would have heard him anyways, since his parents where at work and nobody was home.

„If you shout you’ll be hurt!“ he said with a intimidating voice and squeezed Simons balls. Simon had tears in his eyes – his balls hurt. He shook his head to let Alex know he would not scream. Alex let go of his balls and threw the boy to the ground. He took off Simons sweaty white Puma no show socks and shoved them deep into the boys mouth before he left the room. Simon worried about what would happen if his parents found him like that… Then he heard steps coming up the stairs. Alex came back with Simons smelly sneakers in his hands. He let them fall on the floor, next to his head.

Then he turned over Simon so he lay prone. Simon could hear Alex rummaging around in his backpack but he couldn’t see what Alex took out of it. Suddenly he felt the rope on his skin. Alex tied his feet tight together, bend his knees and then tied his hands and feet together. Simon was totally helpless and couldn’t move an inch…

Alex now took one of Simons smelly sneakers and pressed it on his face. Simon could see how Alex took some tape out of his backpack. He then used it to tape one of Simons rank sneakers to his head tightly. The smell was really intense and Simon could feel his dick getting hard.

Alex turned Simon to the side and could see the boner through his shorts. He smiled and said „you really thought I didn’t recognize your dick was rock hard last week?“ Simon groaned with his sweaty socks still deep in his mouth. He felt very uncomfortable and exposed lying in front of Alex, tied up – with his rock hard cock pushing against his shorts.

Alex came nearer and grabbed Simons shorts. He pulled them down and touched his cock through his black trunk… Simon groaned but he couldn’t move or shout. It felt awful and great at the same time. Then he could feel Alex pulling down his underwear. He then sat on Simons bed and took off one of his black Nike no-show socks. He put it on Simons boner and gently  started to stroke the boys cock. Simon couldn’t explain it to himself, but his erection got even harder and he seemed to enjoy it. How could he enjoy being jerked by another boy – even worse the captain of the opposing school soccer team…

After a while Alex took of his pants and boxers as well and stroke both their dicks. Simon got desperately horny, sniffing the intense smell of his sneakers and being milked by this dominant boy. He didn’t care who was jerking him off anymore – he just wished he could blow his load but as soon as he got closer Alex would always stop, continuing to edge the poor boy about 40 minutes.

Then he took the black no-show sock off Simon’s cock. Simon couldn’t see what Alex was doing but he suddenly heard him groan loudly. His cock throbbed… Alex sat down beside him and put the sock on his cock again. Simon felt it was wet and warm and now he realized: Alex just shot his load into his stinky sock and put it back onto his cock.

Alex continued to stroke Simons boner. He was so fucking horny, he could barely hold it anymore. The sock felt wet and sticky. With his dominating voice, Alex said „go ahead, bitch – blow your load!“. He continued to stroke his dick and Simon couldn’t hold it anymore. His hot creamy boy-cum soaked the sock. It was so intense that he shot much more cum than usual and it was even dripping on the floor… It was a giant orgasm…

…but Alex didn’t want to stop yet. He continued to jerk the boys cock which felt way too intense… He groaned and struggled but Alex didn’t let off his cock for another 2-3 minutes. Simon whimpered when Alex finally stopped and let off his cock. He loosened the rope between Simons hands and feet a little, took his backpack and left the house…